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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Attention All Participants of Calliope’s Closet UPDATE!

Attention All Participants of Calliope’s Closet 

Please note:  We are in the final stages of updating our new site and taking it to a whole new level. You will notice some profound changes to the site and we now have more room to grow & expand, which will allow us to offer more content for our readers, contributors and visitors. This is an enormous opportunity for all of us, but we need your help.

In the past few weeks, we have sent out emails to artisans asking for updates on their crafts and creations, as well as bios and pictures from authors who will be featured on the site. To date, we still have not received several responding emails to our requests for these updates and information. We are delighted to have so many wonderful artisans participating and we want to support you, but we also have to keep our site current and new.

Because we are anticipating the launch of the new and improved website by the end of this upcoming weekend, we kindly ask that you respond to our requests for updates in a timely manner. Unfortunately, we won’t have any other choice but to take your work off the site without proper acknowledgment of these requests. We simply do not have the time to send out repeated requests for bios, photos or updates of your artistry, nor do we have the time to wait on your response. Our effort is to help support you, but we can’t do that without your participation. Please, don’t miss out on this opportunity to have your work featured on Calliope’s Closet! Exciting things are happening!

So, if you have received an email or message with a request from us, please make sure you respond as soon as possible. We would hate to have to take down your information, site and/or work simply because you haven’t responded. It would be a tremendous loss for all.

We thank those who have responded to our requests so promptly and thank those who have not yet responded for your anticipated cooperation!

~Alicia and Apryl

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Introducing Calliope's Closet

Ladies (and interested gentlemen)! We would like to let you know that the deadline for submissions is arrived and we no longer will be accepting further work for In The Company Of Women.

Edgar & Lenore's Publishing House would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all of you who participated and sent us your writings. We have been simply blown away by the tremendous amount of work that came our way and we are asking your patience while we take the time necessary to properly review and evaluate the work sent in to us. There has been so much talent shown to us that it’s going to be an extremely difficult task deciding which work to merge into the anthology and we offer our regrets up front for the work that is not going into the book. We would like to assure you that it is not for lack of talent or effort, but because other work may have better suited the theme of this anthology. Once we have pulled aside the work that will be included in this anthology, we will send out notices advising of the status regarding the submissions.

This has been a venture that has thus far made us smile, laugh, in some cases cry, and in general moved us enormously. The majority of the work submitted has been highly personal, and you have our heartfelt gratitude for allowing us to share in the life journeys you have chronicled and submitted to Edgar & Lenore’s Publishing House.

This being said, we would like to move onto announcing the launch of our new site, Calliope is being launched in order to promote the artistry and writing talents of the beautiful ladies of wit and wisdom worldwide and we want you to feel free to send us work to display, either written, or in some form of artwork to be featured on our site. To date we have placed the work of some incredibly talented writers on the site, and we have artwork and handcrafting that will leave you breathless.

So please, welcome to Calliope’s Closet! Come on in, take a look around and enjoy what we have to offer you today, and what we will be continuing to offer the best content for our viewers on site as we & our anthology In The Company Of Women evolves!

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